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What we're all about

WE KOKO is an uber-cool online marketplace for fashion designers and brands.  It's a place for fresh, fun labels to showcase their clothing and products and it's a platform that caters to style fans who appreciate individuality and uniqueness.

We believe being different is beautiful and we're looking to stock WE KOKO with brands who think like us!  We want to collaborate with designers and labels who aren't afraid to cause a stir and break away from the style norm.

How can we help your brand?

WE KOKO does not just put your products under the noses of engaged fashion followers. WE KOKO shouts about and promotes your brilliant brand too, offering expert marketing and social media promotion to keep your fan base growing.

From photo shoot productions to celebrity and model gifting options, means that you’ll see your pieces on your favourite influencers; we’ve got a range of creative packages designed to help you get the most out of our partnership.  We also offer opportunities for increased advertisement on the WE KOKO home page and in our trend shoots.

How does it work?

We make the sale for you —> We pass the order details to you —> You post the order—> We send you your money.  It’s that simple.

In a nutshell, WE KOKO advertise and promote your brand and product on our website, while you still have full control over your own ‘Boutique’ with the ability to manage stock levels and upload new products.  When our customers buy your product WE KOKO let you know so that you can send them their much-anticipated wardrobe updates.  We take a 25% commission and you receive monthly payments from us. Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at WE KOKO and we hope you enjoy the site.