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 WEKOKO??? What's that?


WE KOKO is an online marketplace for fresh, fun designers and boutiques. It's a place where labels can showcase their one-of-a-kind clothing and it's a platform that caters to fashion fans who crave individuality. 


We believe being different is beautiful and in the age of mass-produced clothing and copy-cat designs from big high street brands and online retailers, we decided to go against the grain and offer something these corporate giants can’t: unique style and authenticity. 

To bring our vision to life, we only work with independent brands. Because many of these brands carefully craft each order by hand, it may take a few days longer to arrive than you’d expect from mainstream websites. But we like to think its worth it.

WE KOKO orders come direct from the sellers and it is the sellers responsibility to guarantee you receive the item you order, items are usually shipped within 3 working days, certain made to order items can take slightly longer but if so it usually says in the product description. some items can be sent using express delivery, meaning you’ll be wearing your new purchases within 48 hours. Whatever the deal, we’ll always keep you in the loop. 

Got a question? Want to share your thoughts? We love hearing from our customers! Just pop us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP: [email protected]